Seafood Buffet Hunt - Swiss Garden International, Pudu, KL

We were thinking about lobsters for dinner. Think it and we want to have it. Cheap lobsters look like an oxymoron. The adjective is not in sync with the noun. But then who say we can't have the smaller sized reasonably priced but still meaty lobsters. It's like eating those huge fresh water prawns.

Perhaps after too much of the 'tai chow' seafood circuit makes one yearns for the king of the sea. Preferably grilled with light sauces. Or poached and eaten with Tabasco and a squeeze of lemon. Almost bare and most importantly unadulterated with cheese at least to me.

We landed in Swiss Garden in Pudu. The interior was almost too simple and minimal with a retro twist. Checked out the formica tabletop pattern which was around for at least 40 years. The seats supported our bottoms well giving us a relaxing recline and the space was also generous. Hallmarks of a good restaurant.

Price: RM85++. Those using Citibank Credit Card get to buy one free one. If you intend to go please reconfirm as I was there almost 2 weeks ago.
Swiss Garden International
117 Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur, 55100

Food: Average and decent. There were some standouts though not among the seafood range. That may explain the lack of a crowd giving us a pleasant evening.
Seafood Chowder. Thick and pleasant tasting. A good start to remind us what we came for.
Salad with Smoked Salmon - my favourite taste and it not disappoint.
Starters with poached Lobsters, Prawns and fresh Oysters. The lobsters were fresh but not top of the line. It is up to the diner to concoct up the dipping and/or dressings from condiments and sauces available.The Poached Prawns were also fresh but not top of the line. The Raw Oysters did not have thick meat.
I went to the Grilling/Pan Frying Station. Choose from a range of seafood. Grilled Calamari and Lobsters for a change. Good quality pastries and cakes. Esp good was the cheese cake. Ice Kacang with a scoop of good ice-cream to round up the night.


Anonymous said…
buy one free one is a great deal, but book 2 weeks in advance??!!! the response must b too overwhelming!!!
worldwindows said…
Actually no need to book. These kind of deals are not published or advertised just need to ferret them out. Sunday night was relax and 1/3 filled.

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