Monday, April 16, 2018

Amos Curry House Taman Sri Gombak

A favourite to the Indians around the neighbourhood and offices. There is a dearth of Indian food (not Mamak) around Batu Caves despite the rather large Indian population. 

This is also my favourite as I rediscover it anew. I have eaten here a couple of times the past 5 years but lately I am quite drawn to it. I will add more pics to this post as I eat.... 

The curry tasted fresh with the usage of good ingredients. It didn't taste and smell over-cooked. The piquant taste titillated the buds. They have been generous with the tomatoes or some amount of yogurt. My curry chicken was excellent. Not overdone. Tender and 'alive' to the palate. And my black pomfret was also great and has no fishy smell in which "over the shelf life" or "too long in the freezer" pomfret fish was famous for. Even deep-frying won't take care of the past its prime smell. 

Overall, a great eat - tasty with fresh ingredients and not overcooked

Fresh and a bit oily inside which is what I like. Just the taste of the dhal and onions is so refreshing. Food diversity of  carbohydrates 

Address : 17, Jalan SG 3/16, Taman Sri Gombak, Batu Caves

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