Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sri Paandi, Jalan Chantek PJ

We were with good company. Near Bukit Gasing and Section 5. Sometimes without the infusion of outsiders this place look like a retirees enclave. Sri Paandi is along the same hallowed ground with Raju and rumoured has it that another banana leaf restaurant along the same road is owned by Lee Chong Wei. Anyone can confirmed this?  

Getting this South Indian mode, banana leaf and all is a Malaysian phenomena. We have to have this fix once a while or when we are away overseas for a season. 

We had dry mutton curry which is a must, Tenggiri slices and fried chicken. Mutton is a soft spot. Tenggiri is to determine how serious they are on fresh food. Truth be told fish at Raju's is at its freshest best.  But be prepared to pay. 

The mutton curry and chicken were good but is not exceptional and so were the free side dishes. Overall  a good eat. 

The Chicken was deep-fried and served immediately. A bonus was the crunchy dough that came with the meat.
15, Jalan Chantek 5/13, PJ

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